US Traffic Ticket OCR

Use state-of-the-art AI technology to process traffic ticket data accurately and efficiently in any US state

Optimize your traffic ticket processing with AI-powered data extraction


Powered computer vision and natural language processing AI models, the API extracts data from all 50 US states with pinpoint accuracy.

Seamless integration

No setup or retraining required. Integrate seamlessly our API in your environment using our back-end client libraries and go for production in no time.


Our OCR API works synchronously, with an average processing time of no more than 2 seconds.

US Traffic Ticket OCR extracted fields

Our AI analyzes the ticket and extracts crucial data points such as license plate numbers, violation types, and more

A parking ticket

Location and Court

Capture any of the 50 states' jurisdiction and legal body handling the ticket

Classification and Violation

Determine the nature of the offense (e.g., infraction, misdemeanor) and specific violation committed

Violation Date and Time

Establish timelines and checking for any potential errors or discrepancies

Driver's Details

Critical for identifying the individual and verifying driving privileges

Vehicle Details

For shared mobility companies, this helps in identifying which vehicle in their fleet was involved

Total Penalty & More

Record up to 50 fields, including penalty information, officer details, if the ticket was related to an accident, and more

What is US Traffic Ticket OCR?

A Traffic Ticket OCR (optical character recognition) is a software technology that extracts key information from traffic ticket photos or scans. It accelerates ticket processing, reduces errors, and streamlines administrative tasks. This translates to significant cost savings, operational efficiency, and enhanced accuracy for organizations, ensuring they can effectively manage and address traffic violations while providing a smoother experience for both law enforcement and individuals involved.

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline internal processes to accelerate the overall processing time and also reduce the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies leading to smoother operations, faster ticket resolution, and improved resource allocation.

Enrich your data set

Beyond merely extracting basic data like license plate numbers, violation type, and fine amount, your product can enrich this data by cross-referencing it with databases and other services.

Reduce costs

Facilitate faster decision-making processes, reducing the time traffic authorities spend on each case to drive cost savings in terms of labor, operational overhead, and error mitigation.

Benefit from AI-powered OCR

OCR refers to optical character recognition technologies capable of detecting and reading text from images or documents in order to transform them into machine-readable formats.
More details are in our blog.

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