Proof of Address OCR

Recipient and Issuer data extraction on Utility bills, Bank statements, Payslips and more.

Transform any proof of address document into structured data in real-time with our Proof of Address OCR API


No need for setup or additional training. Enjoy the benefits of our proven OCR technology, which has been trained on millions of documents from various regions globally.

Seamless integration

The entire extraction process is automated, eliminating the need for human intervention and providing a real-time experience with maximum data privacy.


Our API operates in real-time, with a typical processing speed of 1.3 seconds per page for PDFs and 0.9 seconds for images.

What is a Proof of Address OCR?

Proof of Address OCR refers to a technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract information from a proof of address document, such as a utility bill or bank statement, for the purpose of verifying a person's identity and residency. The extracted information is then compared against the information provided by the person to confirm their address. OCR technology scans the document, recognizes the text, and converts it into machine-readable data, making the verification process faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors compared to manual data entry.

What can be used as a Proof of Address?

A proof of address is a document that verifies a person's identity and residency. Some common examples of proof of address include Utility bill (e.g., water, electricity, gas), Bank statement, Government-issued ID (e.g., driver's license, passport), Tax return or assessment notice, Rent or lease agreement, Health insurance card or letter from a healthcare provider.

What businesses ask for proof of address?

Proof of address is commonly required by many businesses for various reasons, such as:
🏦 Banking and financial services: Banks and other financial institutions require proof of address to verify a customer's identity and residency when opening an account, applying for a loan, or obtaining credit.
🏛 Government agencies: Proof of address is often required when applying for a passport, driver's license, or other government-issued ID.
☎️ Telecommunications: Telecommunications companies may require proof of address when activating a new phone or internet service.
🛍️ Retail and e-commerce: Retailers and e-commerce companies may require proof of address for identity verification when making a purchase or returning an item.
🏚️ Real estate: Real estate agents or landlords may require proof of address as part of the rental or lease application process.
🏥 Healthcare: Hospitals and other healthcare providers may require proof of address for billing and insurance purposes.

What are the benefits of using OCR for proof of addresses?

OCR technology can extract and digitize information from a proof of address document, such as a utility bill or bank statement. The benefits of using OCR for proof of addresses include faster verification, improved accuracy, greater efficiency, improved accessibility, and cost savings. Overall, OCR provides a faster, more accurate, and efficient way to verify customer information, reducing the risk of fraud and improving customer satisfaction.

Move past traditional Proof of Address OCR language limitations with our global computer vision approach

Like humans, our algorithms don’t need to read all the document text in its language to extract the relevant information

Extracted proof of address data

Transform any scan, photos, or pdf of utility bill of another proof of address document into usable data in your software

Locale information

- Currency in ISO format (USD, EUR...)
- Language in ISO format (en, es...)

Issuer Information

Information on the person or company issuing the document.

- Issuer name
- Issuer company registration
- Issuer address

Recipient information

Information on the recipient of the document

- Recipient name
- Recipient's company registration numbers (if any)
- Address of the document's recipient

Image orientation

The clockwise rotation to apply in degrees to get the page/image upright.


Each date is returned in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD

- Issuance Date
- Dates

Frequently asked questions about Proof of Address OCR

Choosing the right Proof of Address OCR technology can be a challenging task, but factors such as precision, extraction accuracy, response time, integration time, pricing, and scalability can be considered to optimize your software's value.

📄 How can I test the proof of address OCR API?

Anyone with an account on our platform can access the Proof of Address OCR API for free.

To test the APIs, simply create a free account using the provided link and upload any proof of address document in our user interface to seethe proof of address OCR in action. A demo page is also available here.

💸 Can I use Mindee's Proof of Address OCR API for free?

Our free plan is designed for those who need to process 250 pages per month and does not require a credit card. Once you exceed the monthly page limit, pricing starts at $0.10 per proof of address page processed, and the cost per page can decrease based on monthly volume.

See the pricing page for more information.

🗺️ What are the supported countries?

Our Proof of Address recognition API uses computer vision technology that extracts data from document images, eliminating language limitations.

Our OCR has been trained on documents from over 50 countries, ensuring you can extract data from your proof of address documents regardless of their origin.

🕔 How easy is it to integrate the Proof of Address OCR API?

Mindee's Proof of Address OCR API follows HTTP standards, making it easy for developersto integrate our APIs into their applications.

In addition, we provide a variety of client libraries in all major back- end languages, as well as an open-source UI toolkit for creating front-end functionality. Visit our open-source repositoryor API documentation for additional information.

📈️ What is the Proof of Address OCR accuracy?

Our Proof of Address OCR technology delivers a high level of accuracy, with a precision rate above 95% for most of the fields, based on a dataset that spans more than 50 countries.

You can try it out for free by simply creating an account and testing it on your own proof of address documents in our live interface.

⚡ What's the average Proof of Address OCR API response time?

Our OCR API processes PDFs in about 1.3 seconds per page, and images in around 0.9 seconds per page.

We strive to minimize the processing time to ensure quick, real-time responses.

🎯️ Does the Proof of Address OCR work on low-quality images?

Our Proof of Address OCR can process documents from a wide range of layouts and formats, thanks to our extensive training.

Besides, we use data augmentation to make sure that no blur or ink stains prevent our system from reading the data as long as it's readable.

🤓️ Do you offer technical support?

If you have any questions about our services, you can join our Slack community and chat with our team.

We do not work on the integration in your infrastructure, however, if needed, we can set up a custom level of support on a per-case basis.

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