International ID OCR

A single endpoint to extract all data points on a wide range of international identity documents

Extract data from international identity documents using our AI technology

Automated extraction

Eliminates the necessity for manual input, ensuring accurate and efficient data capture from identity documents in your software

Any identity document

Our API extracts all the important data points from any type of identity document (ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, and more

Seamless integration

No setup or retraining is required – integrate the API in your environment using our back-end client libraries and go for production in no time

International ID extracted fields

Our AI analyzes the identification document and extracts crucial data points

International ID used for OCR

Document Type and Number

The API will capture the document types – ID card, driver's license, etcetera – from any country


Extract given names and surnames for accurate user identification or fraud prevention

Birth Date, Place & Nationality

Identify birth details and nationality to confirm age, origin, or eligibility, for example

Country & State of Issue

These line items can be used to possibly determine document validity and jurisdiction

Issue & Expiration Dates

Can be recorded to validate document currentness and compliance

Address, Personal Numbers & more

Extracted to facilitate contact, enhance security checks, and more

What is ID OCR API?

An ID OCR (Optical Character Recognition) API is a tool designed for digitizing text from various forms of identification documents. It scans and converts the text into editable and searchable data, automating the extraction of information such as names, dates of birth, and document numbers. This facilitates quick and efficient processing of large volumes of identification documents for easier analysis and organization in various systems, including security, verification, and administrative applications.

Improve user experience

Enhance user experience in digital applications by streamlining the process of user verification and form submission. With an ID OCR, the time taken for users to complete admin is significantly reduced. This intuitive and efficient technology automates the extraction of user data from identification documents, minimizing complexities or delays that might deter users.

Scale your KYC processes across the globe

Offer KYC (Know Your Customer) services worldwide with the versatile capabilities of the ID OCR API. Our API is designed to work with identification documents from any country. By accurately and efficiently extracting personal information from a wide range of international IDs, the ID OCR API streamlines the verification and onboarding of customers from different geographical locations. Businesses can extend their services and enhance customer trust on a global scale.

Facilitate onboarding processes

By automating the data extraction from identification documents, the ID OCR API simplifies the entry of personal details, thereby minimizing errors and delays often associated with manual data entry. This accelerates onboarding. As a result, users are more likely to successfully and swiftly navigate through administrative processes, improving overall efficiency and satisfaction in organizational settings.

Automate user matching in your database

Enhance customer matching in your database, regardless of geographic boundaries. Our API’s ability to accurately process identification documents from any country makes it exceptionally effective for matching customer information worldwide. By extracting key data such as names, dates of birth, and document numbers, the ID OCR API allows for efficient and precise matching of customer identities across your internal records.

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