Resume OCR

Our AI-powered API extracts all applicant’s data points, including work experiences, education, and more

Extract data from resumes using our AI technology


Achieve high data extraction accuracy regardless of the resume quality, the document layout, or the applicant's industry specificities.

Seamless integration

No setup or retraining required. Integrate seamlessly our API in your environment using our back-end client libraries and go for production in no time.

Automated extraction

Eliminates the necessity for manual input, ensuring accurate and efficient data capture from resumes in your software.

Resume OCR extracted fields

Our AI analyzes the resume and extracts crucial data points such as name, previous experience, and more

A sample software engineering resume with boxes that highlight the various data points captured by OCR

Name & Contact Details

The API will capture the name and contact details, making sure not to confuse it with their title

Educational Background

Determine if your candidates have met the educational requirements for the position

Previous Experience

Identify and extract the candidate's relevant work experience, including previous companies, dates of employment, and job description

Hard Skills

Crucial for determining candidates' technical abilities and knowledge of the role or industry

Soft Skills

Understand candidates' suitability for the role and the company culture

Certifications & More

Determine which candidates meet the required qualifications or bonus accomplishments

What is Resume OCR?

A Resume OCR (Optical Character Recognition) API is a tool that digitizes text from resumes by scanning and converting it into editable and searchable data. It automates the extraction of information like names, qualifications, and work experience, making the processing of large volumes of resumes easier for various HR and recruitment software systems.

Improve applicant experience

Our API simplifies and accelerates the way resumes are submitted, eliminating complicated steps or waiting times that could deter applicants. This smoother process means candidates are less inclined to abandon their applications because of potential frustrations or tight time limits. And, as a result, employers see an upturn in the number of job applications fully completed, leading to more successful talent acquisition.

Spend less time fixing mistakes

Make faster, more informed decisions and improve the overall efficiency of your HR team. By automating the extraction and analysis of data from resumes, the API significantly reduces the likelihood of human errors that can occur during manual data entry or review. This precision ensures that HR professionals have accurate and reliable information at their fingertips, enabling them to focus on strategic decision-making rather than rectifying inaccuracies.

Ease hiring workflows and processes

Gather reliable, well-organized data from resumes to streamline the hiring workflows within HR software. With this automated approach to data collection, manual sorting and the risk of data entry errors are significantly reduced, resulting in a more effective review process. Also, by systematically extracting crucial information, the API helps HR teams assess and compare candidates' qualifications more easily.

Enhance job-matching accuracy

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to match candidates with suitable job openings more accurately. By analyzing and understanding the nuances in resumes and job descriptions, the API can identify the most relevant opportunities for each candidate. This leads to a higher success rate in job placements, as applicants are more likely to be presented with positions that align closely with their skills, experience, and career aspirations, thereby reducing the time and resources spent on interviewing unsuitable candidates and improving overall hiring quality.

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