US Health Insurance Cards API

Automate the extraction of critical data from US health insurance cards for streamlined patient onboarding, verification, and more

Extract data from US healthcare and insurance cards using the power of advanced AI


Powered computer vision and natural language processing AI models, the API extracts data from healthcare cards with pinpoint accuracy.

Seamless integration

No setup or retraining required. Integrate seamlessly our API in your environment using our back-end client libraries and go for production in no time.


Our OCR API works synchronously, with an average processing time of no more than 2 seconds.

US Health Insurance Card OCR extracted fields

Our AI analyzes healthcare cards, pulling all the fields you need to capture accurately

Insurance Provider, Policy Name, and URL

Quickly identify and verify the insurance provider and policy details, ensuring accurate processing and service alignment

Policy Numbers & Member IDs

Enable efficient extraction of unique identifiers and group numbers, crucial for accurate record-keeping and claims processing

Policy Holder Name, Date of Birth, Employer Name

Capture accurate patient or member identification and demographic analysis

Policy Start & End Dates

Streamline the capture of policy duration dates, helping your org manage policy validity and coverage periods efficiently

Prescription Benefit Manager & Group Numbers

Extract prescription-related identifiers, maintain precise coordination of benefits, and reduce processing errors

Copay Types, Amounts & More

Automatically extract copay details and contact information, enhancing customer service and financial processing accuracy

What is US Health Insurance OCR?

US Health Insurance Cards OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that converts printed or handwritten text on health insurance cards into digital data. This technology is designed to accurately capture essential information from insurance cards, such as insurance provider, policy number, policy holder name, date of birth, policy dates, group numbers, and prescription details, by scanning and processing images of the cards.

Streamlined patient onboarding

Automate the extraction of patient insurance details during registration. This accelerates the onboarding process, reduces wait times, and ensures accurate data entry, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

Accurate insurance verification

Enhance the precision of verifying insurance details. By automatically extracting and validating policy numbers, dates, and personal information, organizations can reduce errors and improve the reliability of their verification processes.

Improved claims processing

Speed up the processing of insurance claims. The API extracts essential data quickly and accurately, reducing the time spent on manual entry and ensuring faster, more efficient claims management.

Cost-effective operations

Lower administrative costs associated with data entry and error correction. The automation provided by the API frees up valuable resources, enabling organizations to allocate their staff and budget more effectively.

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