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QR Code Reader API: A New Solution for Data Extraction

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Dec 27, 2023

Jonathan Grandperrin

Jonathan Grandperrin


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QR Code Reader API: A New Solution for Data Extraction

When it comes to data automation, QR codes have emerged as a ubiquitous and versatile tool. But they’re much better when integrated with advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies. This is where Mindee's QR Code Reader API comes into play. Using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, our API is engineered to perform precise, rapid data extraction.

In under a second, the API extracts a set of data from your PDFs or photos of any document.

If you want to integrate QR code reading functionality into your app or system, the following information is for you.

Technical Specifications

Multi-Dimensional Support

Mindee's QR Code Reader API is not a rudimentary QR code scanner; it is a technologically advanced solution capable of extracting data from any document. It works for both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.

This multi-dimensional support ensures comprehensive data extraction capabilities.

Orientation Detection

The API incorporates an advanced orientation detection mechanism, capable of recognizing and adjusting for image rotations of 0, 90, and 270 degrees. This feature is particularly beneficial for automating data extraction from documents that may not always be aligned optimally.

High Accuracy

The API employs sophisticated deep learning algorithms, ensuring a high degree of computational accuracy. It provides confidence scores as part of its output, thereby reducing or potentially eliminating the need for manual data verification.

Security Protocols

Data security is of paramount importance, and to that end, the API ensures encrypted data communication via HTTPS (SSL/TLS), adhering to industry-standard security protocols.

You Can Use Our QR Code Reader API

Our API’s versatility and robustness make it an invaluable asset for organizations aiming to automate and optimize their data extraction workflows. It’s relevant across a broad spectrum of industries and applications; inventory management, ticket verification, healthcare record maintenance, legal documentation, and so much more.  

Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional barcode support
  • Advanced orientation detection
  • High computational accuracy
  • Secure data transmission
  • Comprehensive API documentation for seamless integration

Implementation Guidelines

API Initialization

Prior to invoking the API, an API key must be generated. Post key generation, the API can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems using sample code snippets provided in various programming languages, including Python, Node.js, and Ruby.

API Response Schema

The API returns a meticulously structured JSON response, encompassing many attributes such as confidence scores, polygonal data for precise location identification, and document metadata. This structured output facilitates straightforward parsing and subsequent data utilization.

Get Started

Our QR Code Reader API is applicable across a spectrum of industries and use cases. Whether you're in inventory management, ticket verification, healthcare record maintenance, legal documentation, or supply chain tracking, this API simplifies data extraction tasks.

We’re proud to say that our QR Code Reader API is a technologically superior, secure, and highly accurate solution for automating complex data extraction tasks. Its use of deep learning algorithms, coupled with a comprehensive set of features, positions it as an industry-leading tool designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern data-driven enterprises.

For detailed pricing information, reach out to us at If you’d simply like further technical insights, the official documentation is available for review.

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