Our Global Approach to Document Processing: Breaking Language Barriers

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Apr 24, 2024

The Mindee Team

The Mindee Team


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Last week, we had the pleasure of posting about Mykola Khandoga, a member of our data science team, contributing to the paper “From Bytes to Borsch: Fine-Tuning Gemma and Mistral for the Ukrainian Language Representation.” This research advances the fine-tuning of large language models (LLMs) with Ukrainian datasets, setting new standards for linguistic accuracy and inclusivity. 

We’re proud to have a member of the team pushing the boundaries of how AI can support more languages. Inclusivity and universality a concept near and dear to our team. Afterall, when we say we’re on a mission to transform how businesses manage documents, we don’t specify “English-speaking” businesses. 

Enabling companies to operate seamlessly across the globe means overcoming traditional language limitations in AI and taking an innovative approach to OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Let’s dive in.

Global Challenges Faced by OCR Technology

One of the most significant challenges for OCR technology in a global context is the diversity of languages and scripts. Different languages come with unique alphabets, character sets, and grammatical structures. 

For example, languages like Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi do not use the Latin alphabet and have very different writing systems, which can include complex character combinations and varying directions of writing (such as right-to-left in Arabic). OCR systems must be equipped with sophisticated algorithms capable of recognizing and accurately processing these diverse scripts.

Additionally, handwritten text recognition remains a challenge, especially in a global context where handwriting styles can vary drastically. Handwritten texts are less uniform and can vary in legibility, slant, and spacing, making them harder for OCR algorithms to interpret compared to typed text.

Integrating Advanced Language Models for Multilingual Support

Our products incorporate sophisticated language models that are capable of recognizing and interpreting text across different languages. This includes not only major global languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese but also scripts that present unique challenges like Arabic.

We’ve also incorporated the Language-Independent Layout Transformer (LiLT) into our OCR system, enhancing its ability to understand and process invoices in multiple languages. This integration marks a pivotal advancement in OCR technology, allowing our product to cater to global clients by interpreting complex layouts and textual nuances that vary significantly between languages. 

The result is a more robust system capable of maintaining high accuracy levels in supplier information extraction, regardless of the document's origin language. Whether you're dealing with invoices in English, French, or Spanish, our OCR system now adapts seamlessly, ensuring consistent accuracy and efficiency.

Streamlined Processing with High Accuracy

The application of LiLT, combined with our existing computer vision technologies, significantly improves the performance and geographical robustness of our OCR solutions. This dual approach not only elevates the accuracy in reading diverse document formats but also ensures consistency and efficiency across different languages and regions. 

Our technology also excels in handling handwritten text. Leveraging the insights from our research and developments highlighted in our blog on handwritten receipt OCR, our systems employ advanced algorithms capable of interpreting diverse handwriting styles. This capability ensures high accuracy in processing handwritten receipts and documents from around the world, further empowering businesses to embrace digital transformation seamlessly across all forms of text.

By understanding both visual elements and linguistic characteristics of invoices, we deliver a holistic solution that addresses the varied needs of international clients.

Empowering Businesses with Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The flexibility of our OCR APIs allows for easy integration with various financial and document management systems, making it an indispensable tool for industries ranging from accounting to procurement. With the capacity to handle extensive batches of documents swiftly, our technology empowers businesses to scale operations while maintaining precision and speed.

Our advanced AI approach to Invoice OCR is not just a technological advancement; it's a transformative solution for businesses worldwide. By overcoming traditional language barriers and adapting to the unique requirements of different markets, our OCR technology facilitates a more inclusive and efficient digital ecosystem. If you have any questions about our language capabilities, reach out to chat to an expert.

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