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Simplify Expense Management: One Photo, Multiple Receipts

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Oct 19, 2023

Introducing our Multi-Receipt Detector API: the only API that lets you simplify expense management by capturing a single photo of multiple receipts. Automate the process and say goodbye to manual entry, reduce errors, and save time.

Jonathan Grandperrin

Jonathan Grandperrin


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Most expense management apps focus on individual expenses, but the reality is that most of us accumulate multiple receipts before tackling our expenses. At the moment, manually inputting each receipt is a time-consuming task often pushed to the end of a busy week or month. But we’ve just launched an API to change the expense management game: the Multi-Receipt Detector API!

Revolutionizing Expense Management

We're thrilled to announce the release of our new API, designed to transform the landscape of expense management. Our Multi-Receipt Detector API allows users to capture a single photo of multiple receipts – and then sit back and relax while the API automates the process, detecting and extracting relevant information from each receipt in the photo.

This streamlines what used to be a tedious process, providing users with a faster and more user-friendly approach to managing their expenses.

One and Done: How Multi-Receipt Detection Works

At its core, the Multi-Receipt Detector API utilizes deep learning and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically parse receipt coordinates from photos. When a photo containing multiple receipts is submitted, the API swiftly and accurately extracts essential data.

The process is remarkably fast, often taking less than a second to provide users with a set of organized and categorized information. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

See our new Multi-Receipt Detector API in action

The Best Part About Multi-Receipt Detection:

The Multi-Receipt Detector API provides unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in expense management. One easy, flexible integration empowers users to:

  • Process many expenses quickly
  • Ensure accurate extraction of info
  • Say goodbye to manual entry
  • Minimize human error
  • Generate individual receipt images (for compliance with any policies)

Innovative OCR with One Seamless Integration:

The Multi-Receipt Detector API seamlessly integrates with our Receipts and Financial Documents OCR API for a comprehensive end-to-end workflow. You can integrate the API into existing systems using sample code provided in popular languages such as cURL, Python, Node.js, Ruby, HTML/JavaScript, .NET(C#), Java, and PHP.

To run the API, submit a POST request to the specified endpoint, including your API key and the document containing receipts.

The response, delivered in JSON format, includes valuable details such as document status, processing time, and a list of receipts with bounding box coordinates. This extracted data is presented with confidence scores and page IDs, ensuring high precision and accuracy.

Detailed documentation for developers can be found here.

What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to embrace a more streamlined and user-friendly approach to expense management.

Get in touch or set up the Multi-Receipt Detector API and bid farewell to the days of tediously adding expenses one by one.

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