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Jan 25, 2022

Favour Kelvin

Favour Kelvin


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As the new year begins, many individuals resolve to better themselves by making resolutions, creating objectives, and forming new routines. We do the same at Mindee. That being said, since the year 2021 is quickly being replaced by the year 2022, this seems like a good time to discuss some of the features we are rolling out for the year ahead.

📁 New Extracted Fields – Invoice Parsing API Release

For the upcoming invoice parsing API release, many improvements have been made, including the addition of more fields that will be parsed by our API. For each release of an off-the-shelf API, when we add new fields, we also add more data in the training set. This will also increase the extraction performances of existing fields. These fields are of utmost importance to our customers and we are excited to have this rolling out soon. These additional fields will include;

  • Customer address.
  • Customer company registration.
  • Customer name.
  • Supplier address.

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🧑‍💻 FeedBacks

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions that our users have offered us, and we will continue to work to address problems and optimize functionality to deliver a better user experience. Join our slack community if you have any feedback, complaints, or suggestions!

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