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ID Processing Just Got A Lot Better: Our New International ID OCR API

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Feb 26, 2024

Jonathan Grandperrin

Jonathan Grandperrin


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Say hello to the latest addition to Mindee's API catalog: the International ID OCR API. So, what is that (aside from a lot of acronyms)? Our new, advanced API was created to enhance the way organizations process identity documents (IDs) from around the globe. With the capability to extract data from a vast array of IDs through a single endpoint, it streamlines operations and boosts efficiency for any industry.

The International ID OCR API handles various documents, including ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, and more. It simplifies the data extraction process, ensuring both precision and speed and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

See It In Action

Transform Your Operations: Key Advantages of Our International ID OCR API

Automated processing: Automate data capturing with our AI-driven technology, ensuring precise and efficient extraction of information from identity documents, thus saving time and reducing errors.

Universal document compatibility: Our API is versatile, designed to extract essential data points from any identity document, regardless of its type or country of origin. This universal compatibility ensures that your document processing needs are comprehensively covered.

Precise data extraction: We guarantee high accuracy in data extraction, regardless of the document's condition or the intricacies of its design. This assurance comes from our technology's ability to handle documents from any issuing country with the utmost precision.

Effortless integration: Integrating our API into your system is straightforward, with no initial setup or complex training required. Our backend client libraries are crafted for easy integration, enabling you to quickly move to production.

Ideal for a Variety of Industries

The International ID OCR API is a versatile solution for industries needing efficient identity document processing and verification. It's ideal for financial sectors, including banks and fintech, to streamline KYC (Know Your Customer) processes and improve customer onboarding. Travel and hospitality businesses, like airlines and hotels, benefit from smoother check-in and identity verification, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction. Healthcare providers can simplify patient registration, ensuring accuracy and reducing paperwork. Government entities can more easily process documents for public services, while rental, leasing, educational institutions, and any organization requiring identity or age verification will find this API crucial for automating and securing their operations.

Unlocking Efficiency and Security with Our ID OCR API

The International ID OCR API is more than a tool—it's an asset that enhances digital experiences, streamlines administrative processes, expands your identification capabilities on a global scale, and automates data matching within your databases. 

By converting text from identification documents into editable and searchable data, our API allows for the swift processing of documents, serving as a vital component in security, verification, and administrative workflows.

Smoother digital experiences: Our API facilitates a quicker, more reliable process for user verification and form submissions, significantly improving digital application completion rates and user satisfaction.

Streamlined administrative onboarding: By automating data extraction, our API simplifies the entry of personal details, speeding up the onboarding process for various administrative tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Global KYC process expansion: The API's ability to accurately extract data from international IDs enables businesses to implement a consistent and reliable KYC process worldwide, building customer trust and ensuring global compliance.

Enhanced database management: With our API, you can improve the accuracy of customer information matching across your databases, ensuring a seamless, error-minimized approach to database maintenance and management.

Extracted Fields for Comprehensive Insights

The International ID OCR API is designed to capture a wide range of data points from identity documents, including:

  • Document Type
  • Document Number
  • Surnames
  • Given Names
  • Sex
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Place
  • Nationality
  • Personal Number
  • Country of Issue
  • State of Issue
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Address

These fields are extracted to provide you with a holistic view of the document holder's information, facilitating a multitude of processes from verification to database management.

Try It For Yourself

For an in-depth understanding of how the International ID OCR API can serve your organization, we invite you to try it for free or reach out to us with any questions. Embrace a smarter approach to identity document processing now.

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