Process invoices with AI power

Our API extracts key invoice info, accurately and instantly

Process invoices with AI power

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Our real-time APIs work like magic, processing documents instantly and giving users a better experience.

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Stick to perfecting your product; we've got your back on making sure everything runs smoothly, reliably, and at scale.

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Our tools and docs work with whatever tech you're using, so you can prototype ideas and build production-ready features faster.

Pull everything from contact details to payment info
Comprehensive data extraction

Pull everything from contact details to payment info

Extract crucial information such as names, addresses, and tax IDs, alongside detailed financial figures in the document's currency, including taxes and totals. The API also covers geography with ISO-standard currency and language codes, precise dates in ISO format, and comprehensive payment details like IBAN and BIC, streamlining your invoice processing and payment procedures with precision and ease.

Reduce errors

Put our accuracy rates to the test

Our invoice OCR's accuracy rate is above 90%, with precision above 95% for most of the fields. These performances are computed on a dataset including more than 50 countries, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Create a free account and use the live interface to see our OCR performance on your own invoices.

Put our accuracy rates to the test
Enjoy lightning-fast response times
Real-time efficiency

Enjoy lightning-fast response times

Experience the swift pace of our API, where one PDF page is processed in just 1.3 seconds and invoice images even faster at 0.9 seconds. We're constantly pushing the envelope to drop processing times below 500ms, aiming to empower you with the ability to deliver real-time experiences in your app.

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Some of the fastest-growing companies leverage our AI-powered APIs for their products

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Customer testimonials

Why leading companies love Mindee

"I couldn’t imagine any other partner for receipt OCR in the future. I could imagine extending Mindee’s technology to other use cases that we have, with the target of saving time finding information on documents."

Boris Chabilan

Lead Product Manager

"Mindee sets a new standard in document processing efficiency and adaptability. It enables us to respond quickly to our customers' business requirements, processing the many different types of documents we encounter."

Marc Freichet

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Dive deeper into our Process invoices with AI power

How does the invoice extractor work?

Utilizing AI and deep learning, our API analyzes invoice images, extracting critical data points like dates, amounts, and vendor details, converting them into structured formats.

Is it difficult to integrate into my existing systems?

Our API is built for simplicity, ensuring you can easily incorporate it into existing systems with minimal effort, often in minutes.

Can it handle invoices from any country or in different languages?

Yes, our invoice extractor is equipped to process invoices globally, supporting multiple languages in the Latin alphabet and formats.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on usage volume, offering competitive rates that scale with your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

What about data security?

We prioritize your data's security, implementing stringent measures and compliance standards to protect sensitive information.

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